In this eighth episode of the Candidate’s Diary, Campaign Manager calls on Euclid to save our feet

More canvassing today, working to meet Campaign Manager’s disciplined plan.

He’s continually inventing different time and motion methods in a search for the most efficient delivery coverage of houses.

Latest seems to be working very well:

The Plan In Detail

Step 1.The car is placed in a position along the street in a ratio depending on whether there are odd or even canvassers and factoring in the street curvature (always more properties on the outside of the curve of course).

Step2: The canvassers set off on the same side of the street but heading in opposite directions, returning back down the other side and generally meeting back at the car at the same time.

Competition galvanises both teams, which is normally much too grand a term to describe the two of us, as we race to be back first without cheating.

What Didn’t Work

In areas where voter support is assessed to be slim, CM’s first method in identifying which were the most likely houses to leaflet turned out to be a complete failure.  The rationale was based on whether or not the car parked in the front was older or newer than our own.  It only took a few streets to realise that 90% of the vehicles had more recent registrations than our five and a half year old Peugeot 207.

Hmm,  methinks, reflecting on the fact. No matter what Labour say about how impoverished and deprived we are supposed to have ended up following the past five years on my party’s watch, the decent citizens of Nottingham North’s neat and orderly suburbs don’t seem to be doing too badly.

I think I might wait for the ideal moment to raise the possibility of a nice shiny new car for us too.

Coming Next: Campaign Manager Makes A Movie