In this sixth episode of the Candidate’s Diary, the domestics are falling fast behind

Could you take a look at these scales? ‘I shout downstairs to Campaign Manager. `The battery must need changing. They’re over reading by more than a kilo.’

`Nothing wrong with the scales. You’ve just put a pound or two,’ he shouts back with his customary sensitivity. `I’ve packed on even more’ he adds if that’s any consolation.

My mind dwells guiltily on the now routine canvassing breaks at Wild Bean with their coffee and a cake offer for just £3.00.

The long days with always more to do than is possible to fit in are beginning to take their toll on the domestic front. No end in sight.  It will be crisis management on the home front until 7th May.

CM is clean out of shirts

`And any idea where my shirts are’ asks CM. `Only got one left and can’t seem to find the rest anywhere.’

`No idea’ I come back with quickly. I push the Everest high ironing basket out of sight.

I now opt for a diversionary attack strategy.

`By the way, isn’t the car overdue for a service?  I thought that was at 60,000 miles and haven’t we done more than that?’ ask I with all innocence, venturing into his prized domain.

Freddie the fish eyes me accusingly through his slowly greening bowl, knowing exactly what I ‘m  up to.

`I couldn’t get a slot at the garage. They’re all booked for the moment.’

I know he’s fudging, having answered the overdue for service call from the garage.

`What about a Sunday Roast at the pub? I think you need a break,’ suggest CM with uncharacteristic compassion.

`Great idea. We can go shirt shopping on the way back’ I respond quickly.

The domestics are going to have to wait for a bit longer.

Coming Next : A visit to a Distribution Centre gets us locked up