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A day in the life of a parliamentary candidate…



In 2015 I stood as the Conservative Parliamentary for Nottingham North. It was an eye opening experience!

In many ways a parliamentary candidate’s day is similar to the postman’s. They share the same practical problems on the street; excited dogs, broken footpaths and weather, weather, weather. But while the postman is loved by all, the candidate is more likely to get a mixed reception.

On the doorstep, five years of pent up anger is waiting to be released by the voter the moment the door is opened. At the hustings one stupid slip of the tongue is seized upon with great glee by all. And the press circles, waiting to strike for the blond moment.

It was my first time round and I loved it.

On this page you will find stories of the reality of the campaign trail, starting with the street stall at Bulwell Market.

Best wishes

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With David Cameron

With Kenneth Clarke, born in Nottingham North

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