Soldiers Hill in Bulwell Forest Needs a Permanent Memorial

I  first heard about Soldiers Hill from Paul Jackson of the Bulwell Branch of the British Legion when I was helping out with poppy sales last November.   So under the bright sunshine of a perfect spring day on the 18th April  several of the local veterans assembled with me on Soldiers Hill, Bulwell Forest to pay their respects to all those who readily volunteered for service in World War 1, many of whom did not return.

We were joined by Sir Richard Ottaway, who was MP for Nottingham North from 1983 to 1987. Sir Richard, who served in the Royal Navy addressed us, emphasising the importance of never forgetting the vital roll and sacrifice made by those who generously committed themselves to defending this countries values in the conflicts which have occurred over time.

I feel a  memorial should be placed on Soldiers Hill to permanently mark its symbolic importance not just to the people of Bulwell but to all of Nottinghamshire.aerial-shot-soldiers-hill-marked

The British legion members were resplendent in their dark uniforms, vividly decorated with campaign medals proudly gained through their time in the services.

In the featured photo, which was taken by Robin Macey, from left to right, are  Mr Derek Holey, Mrs Dorothy Holey, myself, Mr Gregor Brabender, Mrs Meek, Mr Gerry Davie, Mr John Prichard, Mr Meek, Sir Richard Ottoway.  Robin Macey also took the aerial picture which shows the exact spot of Soldiers Hill off the Hucknall Road, just east of the Bulwell Forest Golf Club.