In London, a 21-year-old political activist has gone missing after reporting an internal bullying issue to a senior Tory party official. At the same time, Zinah Al-Rashid is plotting an act of vengeance against the British Government.

For private investigator Karen Andersen, this is her first assignment for Donald ‘Quacker’ Partridge. The disappearance of the young man desperate to get on the coveted Parliamentary List is intended as a small case to be wrapped up in days. But in her inimitable manner, she goes one step beyond the brief.

As the story rockets to its conclusion, the plots intersect in a race to prevent one of the most audacious acts of terror on British soil.

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The Machiavellian Genius of Dark Femininity

When I set up Act Against Bullying in 2000 it was commonly believed that women didn't bully.  That was a boys thing.  Research into the motivations of girl gangs and female criminology only began in the 1980s as women’s social behaviour changed. Chicken or egg?  Who...

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