Delivery Rate Met at Last

0630. Early start. Still too many streets to cover and need to be back to change for the two `smart’ meetings planned for the afternoon. Forecast bearable but without a doubt a glove and scarf day.

0730. Campaign Manager in a good mood as we set out on news of yet another bit in the paper to be published on Friday. Decided it’s enough of an excuse for a small celebratory drink in one of Bilborough’s excellent pubs The Beechdale at the end of play.

0815. We pamphlet the first street on our schedule. By our reception at house one, it’s still too early to door knock but not to skin my knuckles through the gloves as I force the cards past the draft preventers which are a particularly strong spring version in this street. CM has a new plastic thing of his own design to poke the leaflets through. Annoyingly it seems to be working. He throws me a smug look across the street.

0915. We are now well and truly up to speed as we finish the first 200 mark, 100 per person per hour being an achievable rate. Working together now we start the door knock getting a response to CMs rhythmical rap of about one house in ten. People are friendly and polite as is generally the case. They share their worries which we note down to analyse later.

1000. Both hands are freezing. It’s time to head for a good local café we know in Bilborough. Palpable relief as we sit down in the lovely warmth. I’m secretly planning to stretch out the break as long as possible but pleased that we are now meeting the professional pamphlet delivery rate.

My manifesto:

My priorities if elected are to focus on the following:

  • Education. Major emphasis on raising standards in our schools to deliver a much brighter future for our children
  • Policing. Clamping down on shoplifting and anti-social behaviour with a zero-tolerance approach to domestic abuse.
  • Growth. Increasing apprenticeships, encouraging small business start ups and fighting Labour’s unfair Workplace Parking Levy.

You can read more about my plans HERE

About me:

I am married to Donald. We have two grown up daughters, and we live in Nottingham.
I am the founder of a national children’s anti bullying charity.
We work with schools across the country and I am known as one of the country’s most formidable campaigners on the subject of anti-bullying issues.

You can read more about me HERE

In the community:

Discussing the future of UK shipbuilding on jobs Nottingham

Discussing the future of UK shipbuilding on jobs Nottingham

Laying a wreath at St Mary's Church Bulwell

Laying a wreath at St Mary’s Church Bulwell

With the line dancers at Rise Park Community Centre

With the line dancers at Rise Park Community Centre

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