To overcome the incumbency of a well-entrenched candidate required an imaginative and original campaign. This was mostly down to my campaign manager who also happened to be my husband. It was a lot of fun and yes, we are still talking! Our You Tube video, colourful street stalls and the crazy roving battle bus (see below) were examples of his strong sense of style and humour.

Although I am disappointed I didn’t carry the day, the opportunity to stanIMG_2755d as the Conservative Candidate was a very rewarding experience. I owe special thanks to all those 7423 people  who put a cross beside my name, many of whom I met personally as we trudged the orderly well-kept streets of Nottingham North. To them I would say, `I’ve loved meeting you, talking to you and hearing about your lives and concerns. I will always remember your personal stories.’

It was clear from the count that I lost considerable support to UKIP who made the constituency one of the seats they expected to do well in. I hope that concerns about immigration and the impact of the open borders policy of Europe on the NHS, jobs, schools and housing will begin to be  addressed by the Conservative Government over the coming few weeks as they react to the strong mandate from the people.

Importantly, I know that all of ‪Nottingham will now benefit  from five years of stable and sensible government delivering higher living standards across the board, a result which always flows from competent economic management.