As published in the Hucknall Dispatch May 1st

The standard of living and the economy are always inextricably linked. It is an obvious fact that to get a bigger slice of cake you must bake a bigger cake first. Any party peddling otherwise is conning the public.

History is littered with examples of impossibly generous promises by opposition parties. When they take power and start back pedalling the excuse is nearly always that they didn’t realise how bad things were under the previous government. The blame game begins.

This government did inherit an economy in a desperate state. The deficit was out of control and the national debt was climbing by the second. Things are back on track, the economy is growing strongly and so a bigger cake is being baked.

No more austerity cries the opposition parties. An appealing idea until one realises that no more austerity simply means no more reality. Sooner or later the bankers will arrive at Number 11 in the same way pay day loan enforcers arrive on the doorstep if they are not paid. Easy fixes are appealing but are illusionary as sensible people know.

We in the UK, as the world’s sixth largest economy, enjoy a very high standard of living .There are wealth discrepancies across the spectrum with disadvantaged groups amongst our citizens. As a civilised and compassionate people we should seek to correct that and continue to raise the standard of living for everybody.

But let’s keep baking that bigger cake so it can happen.

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