The Canine Letter Box Challenge

1030. Have outstayed our welcome in the coffee shop, it’s back to the streets. The houses don’t seem quite as well kept as normal, with the odd mattress in the front garden and more dogs around. Campaign Manager insists we stick to the program so we press on, each doing opposite sides of the street and from my point of view as quickly as possible so we can move elsewhere.

1050. A loud shriek from the direction of CM’s side. I rush over to find him cradling his right hand and jumping up and down.

`What’s happened to you I ask? really concerned.

`I’ve just been bitten by a large dog, that’s what’s happened. Look at my middle finger. I was putting the card through and it savaged me. Ow. Ow. And it really hurts.’

I examine the damaged digit carefully, but it looks more like a scrape to me.

`Could you possibly have done this on the draft preventer when you pulled your hand back?’ I venture cautiously. CM is indignant.

`Absolutely not! I know what a dog bite is. And even worse, the bloody thing has taken my plastic poking stick as well!’

On the other side of the door I hear a large dog running amok with excitement at having just been given a new toy to play with and bashing against the back of the door begging for more. I decide to be tactful and keep the peace.

`Do you think you should go to A and E with it just to be on the safe side?’

`Errm. Well the pain is wearing off a bit now. They are overstretched as it is, he replies with a flash of pious inspiration to get out of a hole.

`Shall we put a plaster on it? And it’s got antiseptic in it. I’ve got some in the car.’

`Yes that’s what it needs, the antiseptic to kill the dog germs, the germs I got from the dog bite,’ says CM casting me a challenging look.

Patched up and ten minutes later delivery is resumed. We move on to more salubrious streets.

Match Result: Dog 1 Campaign Manager 0.


I wish all dogs were like this one!


My manifesto:

My priorities if elected are to focus on the following:

  • Education. Major emphasis on raising standards in our schools to deliver a much brighter future for our children
  • Policing. Clamping down on shoplifting and anti-social behaviour with a zero-tolerance approach to domestic abuse.
  • Growth. Increasing apprenticeships, encouraging small business start ups and fighting Labour’s unfair Workplace Parking Levy.

You can read more about my plans HERE

About me:

I am married to Donald. We have two grown up daughters, and we live in Nottingham.
I am the founder of a national children’s anti bullying charity.
We work with schools across the country and I am known as one of the country’s most formidable campaigners on the subject of anti-bullying issues.

You can read more about me HERE

In the community:

Discussing the future of UK shipbuilding on jobs Nottingham

Discussing the future of UK shipbuilding on jobs Nottingham

Laying a wreath at St Mary's Church Bulwell

Laying a wreath at St Mary’s Church Bulwell

With the line dancers at Rise Park Community Centre

With the line dancers at Rise Park Community Centre

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