So Red Ed has decided to take another page from socialist France’s book and bash the landlords in the name of “fairness”.  He wants to impose fixed rents apart from inflationary rises coupled with security of tenure for three years. What a vote winner! The trouble is that we know already what is going to happen. Why?  Because Ed’s inspiration, La Belle France, has completely destroyed its private rental market with exactly the same sort of laws.

I’ve lived in France and have seen what awaits us at first hand. The private landlord has virtually disappeared altogether apart from holiday and student lets. Try renting in Paris and you will soon see what I mean. Yes there are many who do rent but, wherever they can find somewhere,  they are doomed to  stay whether they like the neighbourhood or not.  Forget about job mobility. That will be your lot.

In France student lets were exempted because otherwise there would have been no accommodation at all for them while at university. In Paris the poor student is forced to live in a small box,sometimes without windows, and varying in size from a tiny 18 square meters to a microscopic 12. I have seen these “apartments” as they are grandly called myself. The students pay sky high rents for conditions which are absolutely appalling. Up to three people are squashed into  doll’s house dimensions. Is this really what we want for Nottingham?

And so where do people live who cannot afford a flat or house of their own? They are warehoused in high rises on the outskirts of the cities in social housing areas where police do not go after dark.

Under a free market system such as operates currently in Nottingham ,where my daughter rented during her course, the standard of accommodation is what the average French student can only dream of.

No doubt none of this troubles Ed Milliband with his Orwellian dream of making a socialist paradise of Britain too. Please, let common sense prevail and save us from the carnage to come from a hard left Old Labour Government led by the son of Britain’s arguably best known Marxist, his father Ralph.