Louise Burfitt-Dons


As Louise Byres and Louise Burfitt-Dons

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First published as a freelancer at twenty-three in She magazine reporting on working as a night-time London minicab driver with no sense of direction and a car more suited to the scrap heap than city roads. Observations from personal experience have been the basis of my journalism and social commentary ever since.

The Bay Street Theatre in Sydney staged my first play The Counsellor in 1986 after which I wrote more bittersweet comedies A Christmas Riddle, Mixed Marriages Painkillers I toured Sydney Leagues clubs with my three-hander spy spoof The Valentine Card which comprised ninety minutes in rhyming verse. Forgive the pun, but a lot of fun. I was the script writer for sitcom pilot Rock Hard for Taffner Ramsey in 1989.

My non-fiction book How to Catch a Man was published in 1991 by Ashley Books in the US. It was a combination of personality type study and family wisdom. My daughter has written an updated version and a film script is in preparation with the same name. Long live love.

Act Against Bullying is a series of fifty monologues I wrote in 2000 to lift the lid off some of the insidious practices driving children into suicidal despair. They have been used as classroom aids, performed as theatrical pieces, and inspired kindness campaigns in the UK, US, Australia, Thailand and Canada. This was the starting point for a national charity of the same name which has been helping combat bullying ever since.

Has the women’s movement become too divisive? My manifesto and historical study Moderating Feminism is a foray into these issues. Currently available as an ebook only.

I was a co-writer on Triventure’s Bermuda thriller Mother of All Secrets starring Kate Mansi and Kelly McGillis. Currently scripting another psychological twister for Reel One Productions and Triventure!

For my novel see Crime

My blog: latest news, views and opinions:

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