CCHQ, Tories, Harrods, Jihadi Brides and the Kurdaitcha:  5 Awesome facts about The Missing Activist 

The headquarters of the British Conservative Party. It houses central staff and committee members and maintains overall responsibility for targeting voters and seats. In addition, it shortlists and finalises the selection of Tory candidates across the UK for both local and national elections. CCHQ operates a phone bank for volunteers like Robin Miller, and features in The Missing Activist.

What is CCHQ

The Conservative Party headquarters, also known as CCHQ, is the central hub for the British Conservative Party. It serves as the base of operations for the party’s staff, committee members, and voter targeting efforts. CCHQ is responsible for selecting and finalising Conservative candidates for elections at both the local and national level. Additionally, it operates a phone bank for volunteers and is featured in the book “The Missing Activist.”
A luxury department store in Knightsbridge, London. It’s where Karen Andersen’s nemesis Zinah al-Rashid meets her first Jihadi bride recruit in The Missing Activist.


In “The Missing Activist,” Karen Andersen’s rival Zinah al-Rashid recruits her first Jihadi bride at Harrods, a luxury department store located in Knightsbridge, London. Founded by Charles Harrod in 1849 as a single room shop, it has grown to encompass 330 rooms and is now owned by the State of Qatar.
Jihadi Brides

British Born Isis Brides

In “The Missing Activist,” private investigator Karen Andersen goes undercover to uncover the reasons behind the trend of British girls traveling to Syria to marry Jihadi fighters. According to studies by RUSI, factors that contribute to this trend include a rejection of Western feminism, peer influence, a desire for adventure, and a belief in the romantic ideals of the cause.
The name given to a coach or vehicle used as both a method of transport and also a centre of operations.

The Battle Bus

A “Battle Bus” is a nickname for a coach or vehicle used for transportation and as a center of operations. In “The Missing Activist,” a major incident occurs on a battle bus. In 2017, a scandal involving a bus full of Conservative Party activists almost caused the downfall of the government and halted the Brexit process when the party failed to disclose costs in their campaign budget.
Kurdaitcha (or kurdaitcha man) is a ritual ‘executioner’ in Aboriginal culture who ‘points the bone at a victim to expel them from their community.

Who are the Kurdaitcha?

The Kurdaitcha (or kurdaitcha man) is a ritual executioner in Aboriginal culture who uses “bone pointing” to expel someone from their community. The victim is shunned and typically dies a self-imposed death within days. This practice is still prevalent enough in Australia that hospital staff are trained to handle illnesses caused by “bone pointing.” Its modern equivalent is exclusion bullying, a theme present in “The Missing Activist” and “Fast Fact Five.”
The Missing Activist by Louise Burfitt-Dons
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