The Secret War


A confident China plans to alter the world order.
Border expansion for her burgeoning population is an essential element.

Bioweapons will be used as a first tester in the US.

An underground laboratory. A claustrophobic liner. A trail of dead mistresses.

Karen Andersen, private investigator, stumbles across intelligence in a Liverpool University that an ultra-right faction of the CCP plan to release the hyper contagious virus on an unsuspecting New York City.

Heading out of Southampton on a luxury cruise, she has just seven days to disrupt the strategy. In the turmoil on board, Karen struggles to unravel the complexities.

Publisher: New Century

ISBN-10: 191644914X

Book Type: eBook

ISBN-13: 9781916449145

eBook Price: 7.99

Date Published: 21 June 2021

Book Type: Paperback

ISBN-13: 9781916449152

ISBN-10: 1916449158

Date Published: 12 July 2021

Book Type: Hardback

ISBN-13: 9781916449176

ISBN-10: 1916449166

Date Published: 12 July 2021

Louise Burfitt-Dons

British author and screenwriter Louise Burfitt-Dons works with production companies on both sides of the Atlantic.

Readers and critics have described her contemporary novel, The Killing of the Cherrywood MP, as ‘thriller excellence’ and ‘brilliant’. New Century publishes her forthcoming book The Secret War in June 2021.

Louise is the author of the Karen Andersen Thrillers, a series of contemporary conspiracy adventure novels beginning with The Missing Activist. Think tank and website The Conservative Woman described it as ‘an authentic and gripping political thriller’ and the novel became an Amazon kindle bestseller.

Her fictional creation Karen Andersen has been dubbed ‘one of the most loveable and relatable female protagonists of the female led genre’, and ‘a British Lisbeth Salander’.

Louise is a well-known anti-bullying campaigner and speaker. She set up children’s charity Act Against Bullying in 2000 and co-founded the November 13 annual Kindness Day UK. She stood for Nottingham North in the General Election 2015 for the conservative party.

She was born in Kuwait, which has shaped her to write about conflicting cultures. Louise has travelled extensively with her ex-pilot husband and has also lived in Australia and France, which has inspired the locations found in her international thrillers. Today, home is Chiswick in West London.


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“My earlier books were focussed on Jihadi threats to the UK. But I wrote The Secret War during lockdown following the pandemic when less of that was happening on the streets…. Read more