Louise Burfitt-Dons Photo by Alastair Hilton

Louise Burfitt-Dons is an Amazon bestselling author and screenwriter.

She was born in Kuwait. She has just completed a historic spy thriller based on the true events of this period of the late fifties and early sixties when the State was reaching the end of its Protectorate agreement with Britain and neighbouring Iraq was threatening to invade the oil-rich country and claim it as its own.  More on Our Man In Kuwait

Louise writes topical crime fiction which is thought-provoking but also entertaining. There is an Agatha Christie analytical element to add mystery to her thrillers.  And usually something conspiratorial.

Events in her books are often inspired by real events. The term is ‘lived research’. Marriage to an ex-pilot, a life of travel and being brought up in the Middle East has shaped her to write about conflicting cultures.

She stood for parliament in 2015 which formed the basis of the first book in a series of political novels. Go here to find out more about the Karen Andersen Thriller series.

In addition, Louise is a well-known anti-bullying campaigner and speaker. For example, she set up children’s charity Act Against Bullying in 2000 and co-founded the November 13 annual Kindness Day UK. 

Louise has two daughters and a granddaughter. Today, home is Chiswick in west London with her husband of forty years.


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