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Fame At A Deadly Cost – The Story

Also known as  Wicked Revenge.

A single mother risks her life to save her starstruck daughter from the clutches of a talent agent’s sex trafficking ring, on a secluded island.

Released on Lifetime Movies on 6 March 2020


Director: Jeff Hare
Screenplay: Louise Burfitt-Dons
Executive Producer: Brooke Williams
Stars:  Gina HoldenHeavenly ReynaAaron Schwartz |and crew on IMDB

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The Missing Activist political thriller ISBN 9780953852284

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Five Fast Facts: The Missing Activist

Five Fast Facts: The Missing Activist

CCHQ  is the headquarters of the British Conservative Party. It houses central staff and committee members and maintains overall responsibility for targeting voters and seats, including shortlisting and finalising the selection of conservative candidates across the...

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Christmas in the Highlands

Christmas in the Highlands

  The film I wrote Christmas in the Highlands had its first airing this week in Europe. It is being repeated on Christmas Day on the Christmas 24 Channel which is the seasonal channel launched on September 24 which you can find it on Sky (185), Virgin (424)...

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