Kathy Gyngell Interview Part 1

Kathy Gyngell Interview Part 11

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Interview with Fiona McVie


While fiction, my thrillers are  always topical  and cover relateable topics and themes which makes them easy to talkabout.  

On current affairs issues and as a spokesperson for Act Against Bullying I’ve had media experience.

My TV Appearances include Sky News Good Morning America Channel Four News ITV News London ITNBBC Breakfast

Radio includes Talk Radio Europe BBC Surrey BBC Sussex BBC Oxford LBC PM  BBC Radio 4  Woman’s Hour Eddie Mair on Radio 4 talk RADIO The World Tonight A regular news reviewer Roundtable on LBC, various podcasts and book review show.


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Our Man In Kuwait Playlist

Our Man In Kuwait Playlist

Enjoy some of the songs which inspired Our Man In Kuwait.  Finlandia: Sibellius    (the record Ophelia Dickson leant Gordon Carlisle) The Talk Of The Town: Ray Conniff Singers (Played at Golf Dance) Quizas, Quizas, Quizas: Nat King Cole Goldfinger: Shirley...

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