Has feminism produced the goods for women or not? Do the Men’s Rights Movement, who now also claim discrimination, have a point? Why do feminists not agree among themselves on abortion, pornography or the burka?

I’ve been delving into this subject for years and now you can read my own account of how I think feminism has to update.

In this Ebook Moderating Feminism, I started with a look from the beginning, so the first section is a broad-based history from Elizabethan times to today’s feminist events. A hundred years ago women’s rights were mostly concerned with girls education, votes and work opportunities. Today Western feminism is more inclined towards identity and the blame culture than anything else.

This is my account of how that change came about and why.

In it I’ve also covered many of the contradictions from why liberated women still shop for shoes to the aggressive tone of radicals  advocating women as peace lovers.  In her work The Feminine Mystique Betty Friedan called out the boredom of suburbia, but today we have University educated girls slipping back to the past by wanting to become subservient Jihadi brides.

Then there’s the relevance debate. There is little sympathy for radical feminists pushing an anti-male agenda. It’s viewed as lopsided, hypocritical and unrealistic.Today tens of millions of professional women occupy top jobs. So much so that birth rates have plummeted and single living by choice is the norm. But the success stories are only a fraction of the whole picture, with most women leading and wanting more modest traditional  lives. The challenges waiting in the wings too are many, from the imposition of Sharia law and its implications on modern women to the girl alone in the street more at risk than ever in an increasingly violent modern society.  A form of women’s movement is sometimes there only voice.

So is it possible to moderate feminism? This is what this book is about.  At the end I’ve outlined my philosophy. If you enjoy my blog Common Sense Feminism, you may well agree with some of my suggestions.

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