our man in kuwait 9781916449183 historical spy thriller based on facts behind cold war espionage in the middle east scaled

Our Man in Kuwait

Kuwait 1960. With Soviet backing Iraq plans to invade.

Gordon Carlisle lives in the expat community of Ahmadi with little to worry about other than when to next don his dinner jacket.

Following contact by an MI6 agent everything changes.

Even marriage to his beautiful new wife Anita breaks down as he becomes a suspect in a chain of deaths in the Protectorate.

Ian Fleming’s time in Kuwait is recorded at first hand as Britain prepares to meet head on the Iraqi forces.

Reviews of Our Man In Kuwait 

 ‘★★★★★  ‘A brilliant marriage of fact and fiction’  Hamish de Bretton-Gordon OBE, world chemical weapons expert and author of Chemical Warrior

‘Only a novelist with Louise Burfitt-Dons’s colourful childhood and universal experience, (born in Kuwait, lived in many places between Kent and Australia) could brilliantly mange to embroider factual geographic, natural, historic and commercial details on the fictional fabric. Adel Darwish.

‘Truly enjoyable, well-crafted and intelligent’  Al Qabas newspaper, Kuwait 

The dialogue stands out for its smoothness and adherene to the way english was spoken in the 1950s…fascinating and convincing narrative’   Dr Faisal Alwazzan, Kuwait University historian

★★★★★  ‘Our Man In Kuwait does for Kuwait what Casablanca did for Morocco.’ Trip Fiction 

‘Romance, thrill, the spy who came from the heat, James Bond of Arabia’  The Middle East News

Her writing leaves a hammer strong impact…deserves a standing ovation. Our Man In Kuwait has raised the bar for dramas and thrillers, keeping the histrionics in check.’ Surjit Parkeh

‘Our Man In Kuwait is a  swirling spy thriller…. Ian Fleming’s connection with Middle Eastern spies… life as it was in Kuwait as the British Empire era drew to an end’  London Loves Business Books

‘Riveting.’ The Independent

‘Compelling and credible. A page turner.’ Mail on Sunday

‘Wonderfully written thriller. Brilliant constructed plot.’ Ellie Midwood, USA Today bestselling author of The Girl From Berlin

★★★★★ ‘Wonderful and gentle thriller. I loved everything about the book’  Rob Ford

‘A great mix of small town politics and big power plays’ Karen SmytheLibrary Journal

‘Captivating’  Toni Obsorne Reviews

‘The descriptive writing had me there, living that life in Kuwait…enticing if tinged with danger’ Mark Fearn

★★★★★ ‘Mulled the drama over for days. Thrilling-Eunice’ Netgalley

‘Intriguing mix of historical fact and fiction to keep you wanting to learn more’ Jackie, Netgalley

★★★★★  ‘A terrific story’ Bookstr

‘It kept me up way past my normal bedtime, I had to finish it’ Laurie Robertson

‘What an intriguing story – one I really enjoyed…spies, government, double agents and foreign powers’ Yvonne – Me and My Books

Having recently watch the ITV series A Friend Among Spies I really enjoyed this book! Anna Book Bel

★★★★★ I am seriously impressed with this mix of baking sun, sex and spies! Brown Flopsy’s Book Burrow

‘Interactions between expat couples and their dark secrets build up as a game of smoked mrrors are very captivating in a thriller sort of way’ Wild Writing Life 

★★★★★‘Well written and clearly well researched. A most enjoyable read’  Lyndas Book Reviews