The Killing of the Cherrywood MP political thriller by Louise Burfitt-Dons

The Killing of the Cherrywood MP – The story

Karen Andersen is the private spy from Partridge Security who went undercover to penetrate a secret network of wannabe British-born Jihadi brides while searching for a missing political activist. Three years have passed. Once lauded for foiling a massive terrorist event and preventing British teenagers travelling to the Islamic State, she’s now at risk of losing her job. A borderline psychotic Lone Wolf using the unusual nickname Also Ran has begun a chilling cyber-vendetta to expose their present-day identities. He claims to be a member of the anti-Islamic group, English Concern.

Karen resumes her alias as Basilah. She restores links with the collective who use a restricted WhatsApp group to communicate with one another. Has he had access to it too? And, if so, was she responsible for the breach in confidence?

After he visits one of the former prospective wives, there is a fire at the house. Also Ran gets the blame for the attack. Angry at learning of the false allegation, he ramps up his activity. He abducts his next bride victim who lives in Cherrywood, a constituency with the highest number of Muslim voters in England. Having got some compromising film, he fantasises about developing an intimate relationship with her. Feeling rejected when she does not turn up at a date he’s organised, he posts the footage on online forums. On the same day, the local MP is murdered and the authorities assume his death is in reprisal for his pro-sharia Islamificaton campaign and that the culprit is Also Ran. Karen suspects otherwise.

Determined to trace Also Ran by any means, Karen widens her search. She is flown by helicopter to meet the reclusive Russian billionaire backer of English Concern after having been evicted from one of their events. But the kidnapper appears to be a solo operator with a deepening grudge following the murder of his twin brother by Isis. The mystery intensifies after two of the girls on the social media group lose their lives because of his campaign of intimidation. With these deaths on her conscience, Karen Andersen moves in between the roulette tables of the Ritz Casino to the suburbs of Frankfurt and Mainz to determine his identity. But this only widens the circle of confusion. Andersen is just about at the end of her rope and now the girl from Cherrywood has disappeared in London. And that all happens before she learns her ex-boyfriend Haruto who she is still in love with, has taken up with another girl.

When the narcissistic terrorist Karen helped get convicted and sent to prison gets an early release to cooperate with MI5, there is a concern if her address becomes public someone will assassinate her. As security services have recently got wind of an imminent major Jihadi attack on a famous sporting facility, all informants need protecting. So Karen has to shadow her onetime nemesis whose new deluded fixation is to become a mega model and media star like her dead mother. Straight away Karen finds herself entangled in the unexplained drowning of a starlet called Dandelion off St. Tropez in the late 1980s.

But Karen Andersen’s investigative genius combined with this unwanted rapport with the self-obsessed former Isis recruiter leads her to uncover the deadly splinter cell everyone else has overlooked. Will it be in time to stop the atrocity?

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