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The second part of Kathy Gyngell Interview Louise is asked about the challenge of researching jihadi bride recruitment, her opinion of the current Conservative Party and what she hopes to see emerge from the current Brexit mess  The Katy Gyngell Interview Party Two.

I was sorry to reach the last page of Louise Burfitt-Dons’s first political thriller The Missing Activist,  published a few months ago. It had me going to bed as well as waking up with a young political activist who’d gone missing in post Referendum Britain. A bit too real but no less gripping for that.     The Kathy Gyngell Interview

Louise Burfitt-Dons’ political thriller The Missing Activist was driven by the death of a Conservative activist during the 2015 election campaign. Louise was standing as a candidate at the election and the supporter had actually worked for her. Formerly head of an anti-bullying charity, Louise found that this death was “too close to home Chiswick Authors – Louise Burfitt-Dons

With the growing number of cyber threats against female MPs over the course of the year coupled with the jihadi risk on the increase by female operatives, this is a fast-paced political thriller which is bang up to date and a wake-up call. 8 Best Fiction Books Released In 2018 You Should Read

This gripping thriller with its short chapters is a perfect choice for the holidays to read in transit or lounging by the pool. 5 Entertaining Books for Women on Holiday

Media Release on The Missing Activist 

A political thriller that will keep you gripped to the very end.

Loved,loved,loved it!! A thrilling,edge of your seat book that will keep you guessing to the last page.
Totally recommend it!!  Congratulations Louise Burfitt-Dons. Can’t wait for the next one. Amazon.


A no-holds barred expose of dirty tricks in the Tory party, set against a background of violent Islamist jihad and major social change in contemporary Britain. With her personal experience of political campaigning and her involvement in an anti-bullying and other mental health charities, Burfitt-Dons writes with knowledge and conviction.
A fast-paced, racy thriller which keeps up the suspense until the final denouement, this is far more than just a page-turner: it is a warning to all of us about just what is at stake, politically, economically and socially, in Brexit Britain. Read more


But this book is stunningly different from many thrillers I’ve read recently. There are several murders and a big finish. But using examples like the Kurdaitcha practices in aboriginal culture and other research into group behaviour, it is also a compassionate tale which grips to the very end. Good reads Read more  . 


Usually anything labelled political thriller usually turns me off straightaway. But something made me take a second look mostly because I saw the author’s done a lot of work on bullying. Maybe the fact it has had a lot of 5-star reviews. Or, its easy tone. Yes, this is not a heavy book, but a romper. Read more 


The Missing Activist begins with Zinah Al-Rashid recruiting a teenage recruit for her contingent of jihadi brides. It moves right along at cracking pace to the apparent suicide of a leading feminist and then the disappearance of Robin Miller who’s a Tory activist. The central character is Karen Andersen who is very relatable as a modern private investigator. Read more


Tory female candidates, misogyny as a hate crime, bullying in politics and western women being radicalised are all elements in this chilling thought-provoking debut novel. Loved it. Read more


20 octobre 2018

Great book, full of twists and turns, extremely well documented, a real pleasure to read


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I really enjoyed reading this book and I would definitely look into reading more books by this author. Read more
The Missing Activist political thriller ISBN 9780953852284

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