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The Missing Activist

He’s missing. So why’s no one looking?

Post-Referendum Britain and a country on high alert for terrorist attacks. When a young political activist disappears in London, an off-the-wall private investigator, Karen Andersen, is put on the case.

She uncovers secrets of a party system that prizes loyalty above truth, a serial killer, and a female Jihadi plotting deadly revenge on the British Government.


”’Vivid, clever, and utterly compelling, THE MISSING ACTIVIST is the story of an outsider’s attempt to uncover a deadly conspiracy at the heart of a UK political party.

WOW! If you read only one ripped from the headlines thriller this year make it this one ‘ LBC

‘Sparklingly superb Trip Fiction

‘The Ultimate Bullying Westminster Scandal’

‘Terrific.’ Politics UK

‘Original, Compelling political thriller’ RSA

‘Intense and teasing’  VIine Voice

Authentic and gripping political thriller’ The Conservative Woman

‘It’s well written, intelligent, timely, entertaining. And a very big shocking conclusion’ Sharon Rimmelzwaan

‘I flew through this. Amazing  Jessicamap Reviews

‘Grips from the start, A study of human nature at its best.’ Waterstones

‘Once Louise Burfitt-Dons has your attention, she won’t let you have it back.’ Gingergeek Book Reviews

Page Turner! A cracking political thriller.’ Emma Curtis

‘Gripping, exciting, brilliant. Every loose end tied up at the end’ Jessica Belmont Reviews

‘Louise Burfitt-Dons certainly knows her stuff. Brilliant thriller’, Woman’s Radio Station

‘Brilliant book of our times’ Her Story Matters

A dark and bloody world filled with intrigue and thrills. Excellent!’ Toni Osborne Reviews

Current, relevant, exciting, educating, important, shocking’ Lyne Piza

‘Bullying, terrorist attacks. Such a well-researched crime thriller’ Sarah Hardy

‘Gripping, compulsive spy thriller. An exciting and well written page turner.’ Readers Retreat

‘A very real story of modern-day Britain. Brilliantly constructed plot.’ Ellie Midwood

‘A novel that you live rather than merely read’ Donna Book Blog

‘Amazing. I’m shocked I enjoyed this something so heavily political. Huge twists. Action packed. The Book Reviewing Mum

‘An electrifying, pulse-racing contemporary, political thriller Hazel Butterfield

‘Wow! This is a great book. So well written, a really great read!’ The Divine Write

‘A fast paced beautifully observed conspiracy thriller. Corruption, missing persons. Karen Andersen is the new Lisbeth Salander Book Nerd

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