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The Secret War

A confident China plans to alter the world order

Border expansion for her burgeoning ppulation is an essential element.

Bioweapons wiill be used as as first tester in  the US.

An underground laboratory. A claustrophobic liner. A trail of dead mistresses.

Karen Andersen, private investigator, stumbles across intelligence in a Liverpool University that an ultra-right faction of the CCP plan to release the hyper contagious virus on an unsuspecting New York City.

Heading out of Southampton on a luxury cruise, she has just seven days to disrupt the strategy. In the turmoil on board, Karen struggles to unravel the complexities.

Reviews of The Secret War

‘Great spy fiction.’ – Liverpool Echo

‘Exceptional. Riveting.’ – Reader’s Favorite

Utterly up to the minute social media undercover work, this is absolutely fascinating.’ Charlie Flowers, best-selling author and counter-terrorism advisor

★★★★★ Louise Burfitt-Dons has written a masterpiece.’ Surjit Book Blog

What Amazon and Goodreads are saying about  The Secret War

★★★★★ ‘This tense drama concludes with a satisfying yet unexpected final twist’

★★★★★ ‘Sharp dialogue, heart beating moments and a brilliant twist.’

★★★★★ ‘ The elements weaved into the novel were so brilliantly done that you had to remind yourself that it was a work of fiction.

★★★★ I loved this book, it was interesting reading it while we are living this pandemic…the story is so good Varietats

With a chilling premise and twists and turns at every page, The Secret War is definitely the perfect read for lovers of Dan Brown and Black Crouch thrillers Bookstechnica

‘A wild, somewhat whacky, and deeply chilling journey into modern day socio-politics’ Bookly Matters

‘Tense and completely brilliant from beginning to end’ Little Miss Book Lover

‘The story hooked me. Big time. I needed t find out what happened.’ Blog33 South Textworks

As thrillers go you really can’t get much more up to the minute that this.’ Ebookwyrms Blog Cave

‘The tension was racked up to the point I was almost on the edge of my seat’ Beyond The Books

‘A recommended reading choice for anyone passionate about political thrillers with a taste for world threats during threatening times.’ Wild Writing Life

‘Brilliant up-to-date tense thriller’  Waterstones reviewer

‘An outstanding 5 star read Standing in the Light Review

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